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Bulletin, Jan. 23, 2021

Sabbath School | Worship | Church News

Sabbath School

Saturdays, 9:30 – 10:45 a.m.


General class in sanctuary | Pastor’s class in West Wing
Zoom Class: (9:45 a.m.) Zoom ID 821 7803 1649
Adult lesson study for next week (#11): “The Christian and Work”




Saturdays, 11:00am | Watch online

Welcome — Rosemary Abrahams

Church News — Pastor Ray Navarro

Opening Prayer — Pr. Ray

Children’s Story — Rosa Chaira

Bible Reading — John 13:34,35

Live Feed Sharing

Prayer Time — Bruce McNally
(closing prayer song on screen)

Message — Pr. Ray

“The Church of Swans”

The Church is the one object of God’s supreme regard on earth. He gives it His undivided attention. What kind of church shall we be and what are we called to do (and be) in this world?

Closing Prayer

On-call Elder: Bruce McNally
Pianist: Beverly Bell
Deacon Team: Lewis

Church News

No Limits Revival: Beginning this Sunday, January 24, 5 p.m. Arizona time (7 p.m. Eastern time). Details given this morning at our live stream service. For more details, visit www.NoLimits2021. com. Please register!

Today’s Offerings: will be forwarded for religious liberty minis tries. To have your offerings remain for our local budget, you must place them in a tithe envelope.

Calling ALL Storytellers: If you are to willing to share children’s stories/lessons for kids please contact our story coordinator ASAP at hoshikosama71@gmail.com.

Secret Sister Ministry: Please email Denise McNally at communicator64@gmail.com if you wish to be part of Secret Sisters.

New Church Directory: We are using the Instant Church Directory app this year. You need a working email to register on this online directory. Contact Rose with your current email and phone number to be sent an invite. Email or Rose Abrahams.

Young Adult Bible Study: Friday nights, 7:30-9:00 p.m. via Zoom (Zoom ID 890-1162-8364). For more info, call Chris Albrecht or email.

Tax Receipts 2020: Our treasurer will be closing the year and mailing out tax receipts by the end of January. Please notify Scoble Abrahams if your address has changed since last year.

Adventist Book Center: although the Conference office is closed, the ABC resumes their normal hours. 480-991-8501.

Birthdays/Anniversaries: If we do not have your birthday or wedding anniversary on file and you wish to have it included in our church bulletin this year, call or email Rose Abrahams.

Drive-Thru Tithes and Offerings

Every Sabbath, 12:15-12:45 p.m., you may come and drop off your givings in our parking lot. Please remain in your car, there will be a drop-off basket. Or you can give online.

Second Reading Membership Transfer
Debra French to Phoenix Camelback SDA Church